Urinary Tract Tea

When bladder complaints Medicinal Herbal Teas are most commonly used.


Bladder problems are often noticeable with a bothersome urinary frequency that persists even when the bladder is empty. In addition, there is a burning sensation during urination which may later remain upright after urination and may be associated with pain in the lower abdomen.


Become active immediately!

Especially in the early stages it is helpful and important that you take the first step with a natural bladder tea treatment. A PHYTOBENE bladder tea therapy offers the advantage compared to any other form of therapy, among other things, that it is associated with warm fluid intake.


Which tea is suitable for which bladder problems?

Especially in the diseases of the urinary tract, tea drugs offer many very proven applications. In addition to the primary stimulation of urinary excretion, the so-called "flushing therapy" is especially effective for acute and chronic urinary tract infections.


Teas in bladder infections

Here is a tea intake just by the fact that it comes through the stimulation of urinary excretion to a flushing of the urinary tract and thus prevents the rise of the infection and the number of germs can be reduced.

Especially used are tea-drugs with a urinary-disinfecting effect such as Phytobene Urinary Tract Tea contains: e.g. Bearberry Leaf Tea (contains among other Arbutin that is excreted by the conjugated hydroquinone in the urine) or Herniary Tea (limits the ability of biofilm formation in uro-pathogenic germs and causes growth inhibition).


Teas to increase the amount of urine

Diuretic activity is due to flavonoids (Birch Leaf Tea as PHYTOBENE Urinary Tract Tea contains or Restharrow Root Tea), saponins (Java Tea), terpenes (Dandelion Herb, Java Tea), and essential oils (Java Tea).

Since a ready-made medicinal tea is basically a "multi-substance mixture" of effective ingredients, other substances are also involved in the beneficial effects. A flushing therapy can wash out crystallization accumulations of urinary stones and also leads to a flushing out of metabolic and depositional substances (rheumatic complaints).


In case of persistent complaints, you should consult your family doctor and, if necessary, also tell him about taking a bladder tea.



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