Quality of Herbal Drugs

Pharmaceutical teas from the domestic pharmacy are intended for the production of an aqueous, ready-to-drink tea preparation which, depending on the instructions given on the package, is prepared by infusion, decoction or maceration and serves for the natural treatment of the disease indicated on the label.


The effectiveness of a tea therapy depends not only on the correct selection of the respective tea drug, but also significantly on their quality.


What is the difference between PHYTOBENE medicinal teas and herbal teas from the food trade?

Regarding the determination of their identity, the active substance content and their purity, strict regulations with limit values to be observed have been defined by the legislator in the so-called monographs for medicinal plants. As a result, these are fundamentally different from those offered in herbal shops or supermarkets, which are not subject to drug content control. Each medicinal tea offered here is comprehensive on conformity to the above mentioned legal requirements and documented for each batch.


Active substance content and purity also depend on the correct degree of comminution of the tea drugs

Another quality criterion is the correct, also defined degree of comminution, which is an important parameter in the tea preparation. For example, if the degree of comminution is too fine for all drugs with essential oils, the so-called oil spaces or glandular hairs can be destroyed, as a result of which considerable proportions of the active oil are lost. Another danger of fine shredding is also the addition of other parts of the plant (eg stems instead of leaves). Therefore, all PHYTOBENE Medicinal Teas are only offered in the classic form - namely loosely packed in tea bags - so you can see the quality of the herbal drugs.


What is used? Leaves, flowers or the herb

Finally, it should be mentioned here that under the name z. B. chamomile tea not the camomile plant, but only their flowers find use. In part, different parts of plants also have different main applications. Therefore, it is essential that just not always the herb of the plant is used, but only the appropriate and described parts of the plant, such e.g. leaves, flowers, roots, fruist or seeds. This differentiation is also crucial in the application, and again PHYTOBENE guarantees to offer you only herbal drugs with the respective effective and described plant parts.



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