Healthy in the mouth - shiny white teeth convey health and wellbeing

Oral health for us means being able to eat well, laugh well and speak with fresh breath. Above all, a healthy and well-groomed mouth gives us a strong sense of self-worth and is a prerequisite for our well-being. The mouth is the "border area" between our organism and the environment, which is why oral hygiene is of great importance.

We ingest food through the mouth, which is also a body entry point for many microorganisms.
Thoroughly carried out oral hygiene therefore prevents the formation of bad breath, caries or inflammation of the gums and oral mucous membranes and thus makes an important contribution to the prevention of chronic general diseases. Because from sources of infection in the oral cavity, bacteria, bacterial toxins or messenger substances can get into the bloodstream and settle in other parts of the body and thus pose a risk to our general health. For example, diseases in the mouth can trigger further diseases in other organs or exacerbate existing diseases. There is evidence that periodontitis, for example, is a high risk factor for heart disease. Or, for example, a changed oral flora can not only cause bad breath, but also be related to aspiration pneumonia.

Thorough and regular oral hygiene is therefore of great importance, as recent scientific studies show that there is a close correlation between oral health and our general health status.
Basically, in addition to daily oral hygiene, a healthy diet and regular dental checks are important prerequisites for a healthy oral cavity.
Depending on your diet, brushing your teeth alone is often not enough for effective oral hygiene. In addition to mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush and dental floss, mouthwashes can also be used effectively to supplement daily oral hygiene.
Mouth rinsing solutions completely remove all loosened residues from the narrow interdental spaces, have an antibacterial effect and provide a fresh, pleasant feeling in the mouth.

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