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Traditional medicines and drugstore products

In harmony with nature

PHYTOBENE and LIPOBENE these are two trademarks of COMPETENCIA Handels GmbH for their complementary health care products whose efficacy is scientifically proven and offered in modern, patient-oriented dosage forms. PHYTOBENE or LIPOBENE natural remedies have an excellent benefit / risk profile and provide a natural complementary extension to the pharmaceutical industry's existing range of pharmaceuticals.

Only the best raw materials

PHYTOBENE or LIPOBENE stands for highest quality in the field of naturopathic health care. Our natural remedies are available only in pharmacopoeia quality (highest quality level). The carefully selected and controlled natural, vegetable substances ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of our preparations. Through the use of controlled pharmaceutical drugs, PHYTOBENE or LIPOBENE preparations always offer a constant effectiveness of each batch due to their constant active ingredient content. If you have questions about this topic, we are here for you!

Modern health care with natural remedies

Modern health care and medical treatment is not only based more on the use of pharmacotherapeutic drugs, but increasingly includes complementary natural supplements, such as tea drugs, traditional medicines, dietetics or dietary supplements. Here you will find natural remedies of plant origin with scientifically proven mode of action, which also meet the high standards of quality and application safety. More information can be found in the product descriptions of our products.

Traditional medicines for all ages

Our natural remedies are used in many areas. Whether you are looking for natural remedies for coughs and colds, gastrointestinal complaints, or to relieve musculoskeletal disorders or other health disorders - the complementary natural treatment options for a variety of aches and pains are comprehensive. The available PHYTOBENE natural remedies can be used for the health care of the whole family.

PHYTOBENE & LIPOBENE - traditional medicines from the alpine country Austria!

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